Tennis for Life makes learning tennis easy for you.

If time is a valuable resource for you and your children it may be best to learn tennis in a school environment. Our schools program offers quality coaching within, before or after school hours.

Our Schools:

Bimbadeen Heights Primary School (Specialist Lessons)


Edinburgh College (After School Lessons)


Saint Peter Julian Eymard (Recess and Lunch Lessons)



Prospective Schools:  Bring Tennis For Life to you!

Could tennis be the sport for you? Could it be a way to get your kids more active during the school day? Do you need another sport to incorporate into your PE curriculum?

If you are a student, parent or a teacher¬† and you would like to see more tennis within your school please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0400 557 419.

We are happy to provide before or after school lessons, recess and lunch time lessons, specialist programs and PE programs for your school!